Contact Us

Call the helpline: 331-303-2077; please leave a message.
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 23348
Seattle, WA 98102
Email address:

How to donate to the Intergroup:

Donations will only be accepted from SAA members or meetings. If you are not a member, please do not donate.

Make checks payable to “Aaron H”.

Send check or money order to the mailing address:

PS SAA Intergroup
P.O. Box 23348
Seattle WA 98102

Or bring your donation to an Intergroup meeting or and Intergroup Representative:

  • Quarterly meetings are at 4:30 before the Speakers Meeting, 3rd Saturday in Januay, April, July and October.
  • Annual meeting is at the annual retreat
  • Additional monthly meetings by telemeeting will connect you with the Intergroup Treasurer.

Call the helpline: 331-303-2077; please leave a message asking for a callback.

Email;request information.