Meetings Schedule

“Go to a meeting. Someone will bring what you need to hear.”

This page lists meeting in the Puget Sound region of Washington USA. If you are interested in meetings in other locations, please see “Meetings” section of the the SAA ISO website. Last updated 8 March 2024.

Meeting times and locations may change without notice. For additions, deletions, or corrections to this schedule, please email

“Closed” vs “Open” meetings: Because of the sensitive nature of sexual addiction, many of our groups are “closed,” meaning only those with a desire to stop their own personal addictive sexual behavior may attend. If you are seeking help for yourself (and not for a friend or family member), you are welcome to attend any closed meeting. Others who are interested in finding out about SAA may attend only ‘open’ meetings. Meetings are closed unless it says “Open”.

Hybrid: A meeting that is hybrid meets in person and online at the same time. You’ll see information for both. If you go in person you do not need to join the zoom meeting.

Gender-specific meetings: Some SAA meetings are restricted to people identifying with a particular gender — for example “Men Only” or “Women Only”. Everyone is welcome at “Mixed” meetings. Meetings are mixed unless it states a gender.

BIPOC: BIPOC means Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color. If you do not identify as part of our BIPOC community please do not attend these meetings.

Teens: All meetings in the schedule below are for people 18 years and older. If you’re 13 to 17 years old, please call the SAA international service office at 331.303.2077 to find out about meetings specifically for teens.

Zoom: If you are using a phone to go to a Zoom meeting, you can find your local call in number for zoom here:

Download SAA Schedule in PDF format.