Calgary SAA – 5th Annual Retreat – 11-13 March 2022

The Calgary SAA Retreat Organizing Committee invites you to our upcoming 5th Annual Retreat in March of 2022.

The Calgary SAA Step Retreat is a three day (11-13 Mar 2022) in person event for women and men recovering from sexual addiction. It is open to all who wish to recover from pornography, love, relationship, codependency and any other type of sexual addition. This event is modeled on the Triangle SAA of South Carolina’s retreat. It will be held at the Mt St Francis Retreat Center near Cochrane Alberta.

Attendance is limited to 30 participants (including organizers and facilitators) in accordance with present COVID protocols.
Registration is open for the Calgary SAA community now, and open to all other 12 step fellowship members on Jan 1 on a first come first served basis. Early bird registration closes Jan 22.

See the attached PDF for full details:
RETREAT Registration Form 2022 (1)