SAA UK Neurodiversity – Thursdays at 7:15pm UK time

SAA UK Neurodiversity – Thursdays at 7:15pm UK time

UK neurodiversity: A new SAA meeting is a safe place for people including – but not limited to – those of us who identify as autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, AD(H)D, bi-polar, schizophrenia, C/PTSD etc. Members will share challenges, tools and solutions related to engaging with the 12 steps of SAA.

The meeting is open to those who suffer from sexual addiction and have a desire to stop their addictive behaviours.

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It’s a step study meeting. Instead of reading the steps, each week someone does a 15 minute main share on a particular step and then we open for discussion.

We’re hoping more women will get involved. We’d be very happy to talk with women about doing main shares if that would encourage more women’s participation. Very open to suggestions.

Next week will be the 5th step.

Zoom meeting details: / Meeting ID: 602 100 8243 / Passcode: 12345 / Find your local number: